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A lot of us have heard about the term – Viral marketing. In simple words viral marketing involve leveraging the current social media networks to increase brand awareness. The increase in brand spread occurs through self replicating mechanisms – through bookmarking, commenting, blogging and most interestingly through Twitter tweets.
You can condense meaningful information in Tweets for 140 characters. And start sharing with your followers in just about no time. The mantra is too Tweet Often and Tweet Quality.
Tweet often ensures that you keep building on the information that you want to share about your product and services. However, this does not mean that you should tweet 100 times a day. Tweet once or twice a day. This would help you develop a follower base. People are more interested in services that are regularly updated.
Tweet Quality ensures that you will offer or seek quality content with substance to it. If you can provide some unique and innovative content, people would simply love you. You will be surprised to note that on your every tweet you will get two to three followers.
So what information should you include in the Tweets? Depending upon the niche and product you should include the following:

1.The name of product or service
2.A quick update
3.And where can users access it or benefit from it

It is important to keep your tweets short and simple. This draws more attention from people than the long stories. Remember, Twitter is a micro blogging platform. It is not a Wordpress or Drupal platform where you can go on and on. The secret to success is to keep it short, sweet and effective.

Involve in conversation with your followers. Start to appreciate what they are tweeting. Retweet their tweets; this will help you to build rapport with them. Eventually you will end up developing a loyal follower base. Hence, an interactive platform is created where you and your followers are no strangers. One of the biggest mistake people commit is to make anyone to everyone follow them. This must not be done. There is simply no point to add people who are non active or have no interests in your tweets.

If you have multiple products and services for which you want to use Twitter, create separate accounts per product or a group of products. For example, to market a cell phone site, you can create separate accounts for smart phones, accessories and cell phone news. This helps in maintaining focus and helps building dedicated viral marketing campaigns. Always remember that for each product the audience is different and so are their needs, desires and wants. In today’s economy one size fits all will not take you long way.

Viral marketing is all about spreading information through shared social media. So what is important is to note that people will spread a good word of mouth, if your product is innovative and they can discover value in it. A successful viral marketing campaign will always offer a win-win proposition to consumers and service providers.


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Good info. Twitter is very useful in marketing tactics.

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i agree. twitter is a great tool to advertise my business

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Great article , thank you.
new emerging technologies

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